Your silence on Afia’s allegation of Ghc50,000 donation is troubling-AFFA to Frema Opare

The Alliance for Footsoldiers Advocacy (AFFA) has asked the Chief of Staff Madam Frema Opare to publicly deny or confirm claims by Valentina Agyeiwaa alias Afia Schwarzenegger that she gave her Ghc50,000 as a donation at her late father’s funeral.

Leader of the group Daniel Adomako says the silence from the Chief of Staff proves that the comedian’s claim is true.

Speaking with Kwabena Agyapong on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm he said the actress had not done anything for the party to warrant such an amount.


He said it was insulting for her to tell persons who have complained to tell their fathers to die so they could also receive donations.

He asserted that they have no sense o0f entitlement by complaining bitterly over the matter but believes the sacrifices of footsoldiers got the Chief of Staff to be where she is today, hence they have the right to complain.

He added that criticizing does not mean they are not disappointed in the entire government structure.

He said ”once the allegation was made and if indeed it was not true, the Chief of Staff should issue a disclaimer. We have no sense of entitlement. Shee is where she is by virtue of the hard work of the party’s footsoldiers. So that sense of entitlement is mute. We are not anyone to tale his or her salary and give to footsoldiers. What we are saying is that there is somebody whose contribution is not known to the party and is on record to have denigrated the party. So if someone who has denigrated the party has benefited from the party then we have a cause to complain,” he said.

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