DVLA introduces new processes for license acquisition

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) says it will review license acquisition and the renewal process.

The DVLA announced that it has introduced new reforms in the processes leading to the acquisition, and renewal of driver’s licences to reduce road crashes.

As part of the new reforms, clients seeking new licences or renewals will undergo a more comprehensive eye test to be conducted by certified ophthalmologists at accredited facilities.


Addressing journalists, the Director of Driver Training, Testing and licencing at the DVLA, Kafui Semevo assured the public that the new system will help make driver’s licences issued in Ghana comparable to those issued in developed countries.

“We also observed after review that the test that is conducted is even not up to standard. It is restricted to only examination and narrow vision in the eye of the driver. That test fails to recognize how wide the driver can see,” he said.

The DVLA is working with the Ghana Police Hospital on this initiative.

An optometrist at the hospital explaining their role in this partnership said, “We were doing it in a minimal manner, but we need to expand the national standards so that when you have a driver’s license in Ghana, it is comparable to those elsewhere. In the past, the vision was checked for each eye. Our signages are colour-coded, but many people have colour problems’.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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