Claims that three soldiers have been arrested for robbery are false- GAF

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has rubbished claims that three of it’s personnel have been arrested for robbery.

A statement issued by GAF described the report as false adding, the allegation of robbery has not been established against the three soldiers, hence it is premature for such a conclusion to be drawn by the public.

The Armed Forces indicated that a Nigerian national had reported the soldiers to the Amasaman Police station for alleged extortion, seizure of phones and forced entry into a premise at Nsakina.


The response was in reference to a publication by The Chronicle newspaper.

According to.the statement, based on the report against the soldiers, there was a joint investigation by the Military Police and the Civil Police into the matter.

The “Military Police escorted the three soldiers to the Amasaman Police Station where they were compelled to avail themselves for their photographs to be taken as part of a routine investigation process.”

GAF said preliminary investigations by the Military Police indicate that one of the soldiers had claimed he had monitored suspicious movements in the house occupied by the Nigerian.

Together with his colleagues, they proceeded to the house and after being ushered in by one of the occupants, they noticed some Nigerians busily working on laptops.

The statement said the leader of the group in the house denied any involvement in cyber fraud or any criminal activity and offered to report any such activity to the security services.

The paper had reported that the soldiers scaled a wall into the residence of the complainant and robbed him and his friends of 8 different mobile phones.

It further alleged that they forcibly made them transfer an amount of ¢850 to a registered MTN number, bearing the name Gabriel Yinsabilik.

The statement added that the matter was still under investigation.

“It is therefore unclear the motive of the haste in releasing such information with pictures into the public domain on a yet to be determined matter,” it said.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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