Bolt Driver Allegedly Assaulted By Police With A Spanner, threatened with death

A Bolt driver (name withheld) has accused some Police officers of assaulting him.

The driver in his narrative disclosed that on Tuesday dawn, he was parked at the STC station when he received a request.

Upon receiving the request, he was checking where he could pass to go and pick up the individual who made the request.


He disclosed that a few minutes later, a group of police officers walked toward him and asked that he drive to the Kaneshie Police Station because he had been arrested.

The driver said when he asked why he was arrested, the Police claimed he was about to make a U-turn.

The driver said he did not understand why they asked him to move to the police station, he had not committed an offence.

A community policing assistant usually referred to as ‘baby police’, was instructed to sit in the car.

The policing assistant struggled with and attempted to remove my car. But I did not allow him to do that. He (policing assistant) removed a spanner and started hitting me with my hand. I started bleeding, and the car went into tge hitter following the struggle, he alleged.

He also alleged that he even pleaded with the Police to allow him to go and pick up the person, and issue him with a receipt so he would come to the station later

But the Police refused and insisted that he goes with them to the Police Station.

According to him, the Police threatened to detain him if he did not get someone to bail him with an officer threatening him ”If I were the one, who arrested you and you refused to come, I would have killed you”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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