Armed Police Officers storm UG over students’ protest

Following a protest by residents, there is a heavy police presence at Commonwealth Hall on the University of Ghana campus.

Commonwealth Hall residents gathered on their forecourt to demand the reinstatement of their Hall Master and Senior Tutor.

After the violence at Mensah Sarbah Hall on August 5, the University of Ghana Council recommended the removal of the Hall Master and Senior Tutor of Commonwealth Hall.


The Council also recommended that Commonwealth Hall be charged for property damage near Mensah Sarbah Hall.

The University’s administration stated that the two hall officials were punished for their refusal to assist in identifying the students responsible for the fight that resulted in property destruction on campus.

“These officers should, therefore, in the interim, be relieved of their duties while management works with the security services to investigate the clashes, and works towards finding lasting solutions to the tensions between students of the two halls,” Management said.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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