Hunter shoots another hunter after mistaking him for a deer

A hunter has mistakenly shot a fellow hunter at Wassa Essamang.

The two hunters had gone for a hunt when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Confirming the story, the Assemblyman for the area, Hon. Amos Adjei, stated that the two hunters, Emmanuel Teye, 49, and Kwabena Manu, 53, went hunting in the Essamang forest but were not hunting together, so neither of them was aware of the presence of the other in that area of the forest.


According to the assemblyman, while hunting, Emmanuel Teye noticed that some leaves were wiggling.

He noticed that repeatedly, so he assumed it was a deer, so he positioned himself in a very advantageous direction and shot precisely to the location of the shaking leaves, the Assemblyman added.

Unfortunately, it was Kwabena Manu, a fellow hunter.

The Assemblyman also stated that the hunter reported himself to the police after discovering that he had accidentally shot another hunter.
The Wassa East district police command has recovered the body for preservation and investigation.

This was the second incident of its kind in less than a month after a hunter mistook another hunter for a deer and shot him to death

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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