Those praise singing Nana Addo are wicked & getting freebies so they don’t feel the pain- Security Guard

In the basic analogy of Ghana’s situation, a security guard posited that if the country were human, it would have retired from active work without any pension or savings.

Nana Appiah believes the country is impoverished despite the numerous natural resources we have at our disposal.

In an interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s Frontline, he claimed that our leaders mismanaged our resources, displayed incompetence, and cheated the people out of their fair share of the national cake.


According to him, our leaders’ selfishness, greed, and love of money have led them to engage in acts that cause them to defect from the state.

Nana Appiah noted that transportation, the cost of food and other basic commodities have escalated to the point that Ghanaians are living under harsh conditions.

On the issue of government appointees praising the president, he said, “the party people and appointees singing praises about Nana Addo are benefiting and not experiencing the pain we are experiencing.” They have food and freebies, so they are not in pain.

To the president, he said, ”you told us ‘yete sika so nanso ekomdiyen’, but today, you are not living up to the promises. Ghanaians are suffering. We are unable to purchase anything. Where is the money you promised Ghanaians? When you want power, you sweet talk Ghanaians, but when you get the power, you ignore our sufferings and tell us stories”.

“We don’t need your stories to highlight our pain. We don’t need sugar-coated statements to make us see reality. We are the people, we are the ones who are suffering, and we know that Ghanaians are suffering.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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