Church instrumentalists who do corporate work should not be paid- Emmanuel Debrah

Ghanaian male gospel musician, Emmanuel Debrah, has weighed in on the debate over whether musicians in our churches should be paid.

According to his point of view, the church could pay musicians in our churches, but not everyone.

He proposed that the church pay those who are unemployed and are church musicians.


However, for those who have stable jobs, the church could provide refreshments rather than pay them salaries.

“If the church does not have the financial clout to pay, I will decline. However, the church could provide refreshments to the choristers once in a while.”

He said choristers sometimes perform for the church at various events and become exhausted, but are not appreciated or provided with refreshments.

“Some instrumentalists work as a profession, and you must pay them. Aside from instrumentation, others are seeking corporate positions. The church may decide not to pay such people but instead to provide them with refreshments. Those who are unemployed and involved in church instrumentation should be compensated.”

I say this because those in corporate work are paid every month by their respective companies, so they have something on which to rely. But what about those who are unemployed and have no financial support? They are the ones I believe should be compensated.”

He also accused the pastors of not paying attention to the choir groups in our churches.

He stated that churches and pastors needed to pay attention to choir groups so that they could give their all to the churches.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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