It is not obligatory for a man to take care of you when dating but the men should not be stingy- DY Donkor

Rev. DY Donkor, a marriage counsellor, has stated that people who are not married should not expect gifts or money from their partners in good faith.

‘I repeat, when you are in courtship or dating, don’t expect any financial benefits from the partner,’ said the man of God.

When dating and planning a wedding, don’t expect your partner to take care of you.


When you are unable to be stingy or fail to show some affection to the person you claim to love.

According to the Reverend minister, once you propose to someone and enter into a courtship or relationship, it is expected that you give. However, it is expected that you give from the bottom of your heart. It should be imposed upon you. If you don’t give at all, you’re assumed to be stingy.”

He added that dating a lady who is not demanding money or gifts should not prevent the man from occasionally giving her something.

However, some women are not demanding, and when a man gives them something, they reject it. Perhaps she believes the man is not financially stable and does not want to be a burden. In this case, the man could buy her a special gift. When this occurs, the lady should not reject it.

He emphasised that in a relationship, you should not be forced to give your woman something. However, don’t be too frugal.

He also argued that the ability to give could be a sign that the man is responsible and will take care of the lady when they finally settle down as a couple.

He believes that women should stop expecting money from the men they date.

He believes that women should stop constantly demanding money from men they date because it is a negative attitude that can harm the relationship.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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