Two driver unions serve notice of a 30% fare increment if…

The Floating Drivers Association together with Concern Drivers Association Regional Chairmen have served notice they would increase transport fares by 30% if they do not hear anything from their union leaders in a week.

The two groups say they feel disappointed in their union leaders since they feel the leaders have not acted in their interest.

To them, the issues and considerations for an increment in transport fares have moved beyond the threshold of 10%.


According to them, ”this half-hearted attitude of the government and the leadership of our drivers’ Unions does not promote the welfare and income of persons in the commercial transport business”.

”We are by this release giving our leaders a week ultimatum to implement the fare increment else we will do that ourselves.

The hike in spare parts prices, lubricants and fuel are becoming unbearable for us and our leaders seem unconcern.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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