Lost my job with STC, & spent my monthly salary on alcohol

A middle-aged man Isaac Annor, has recounted his struggle with alcoholism and how he lost his job with the State Transport Corporation (STC).

Appearing on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he disclosed that he started consuming alcohol after completing Senior School.

He is currently with chosen Rehab Centre, Achimota, where he has been undergoing rehab over the past two months.


Mr. Annor said he was receiving over Ghc1000 from his former employer but used the salary for alcohol.

He told host Kwabena Afyapong that after he graduated from school, he became friends with others who were also alcoholics and were mixing different brands of drinks.

He indicated that his father, who was worried about his alcoholism, sent him to Italy, but unfortunately, the person he stayed with was also an alcoholic and so he could not stop.

He further disclosed that after some time, he had to return to Ghana after seven years because his mother and sister had encouraged him to go to the UK.

According to him, he has arrested for possessing a fake document, arrested and later released and had to call his mother about the incident.

He said his mother worked out for him to get a passport which belonged to another person, but he was unlucky and was arrested and given a week to leave the area.

He stated that instead of returning, he stayed back for two years at a different location, and the consumption of alcohol became worse.

Isaac Annor went on to say that after returning to Ghana, he joined a group of illegal miners and invested in them, as well as going to a Mallam who performed rituals for them.

He also revealed that business was not going well and that some people suggested they engage in human sacrifice, but he declined.

He said his relationship with his mother and his other siblings was severely affected.

He also stated that he was consuming alcohol despite being a driver.

He said his sister took him to see a prophet who gave him a spiritual direction and stayed away from alcohol for a week but unfortunately for him, the Sunday he gave a testimony that he had stopped alcohol consumption, he got drunk.

He advised the youth to avoid alcohol because it could cause mental instability or death.

“Alcoholism is bad,” he said. It cost me the opportunity to visit the United Kingdom. I was laid off from the STC. “Avoid alcohol; it is not good for you.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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