Show us the evidence & impact of your 30% salary cut- Economist challenges Prez

Chartered economist Emmanuel Amoah Darkwah has opined that President Akufo-Addo must provide evidence of the 30% cut in his salary and that of his vice and other appointees.

The economist argued that the president could not make the claims without showing proof of the salary cut.

President Akufo-Addo, in his address on the state of the economy, announced the extension of the 30% cut in his salary, his vice and other political appointees.


He said “We have decided also to continue with the policy of thirty percent (30%) cut in the salaries of political office holders including the President, Vice President, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, MMDCEs, and SOE appointees in 2023.

We will continue with the thirty percent (30%) cut in discretionary expenditures of Ministries, Departments and Agencies.”

In June this year, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo announced that he had slashed his salary by 30% with immediate effect due to current economic difficulties.

Speaking as the guest of honour at this year’s Eid Al Adha prayers in Accra, the President also announced a 50% cut on fuel for government machinery.

Reacting to this, Mr. Amoah Darkwah said ”the President says he has cut his salary and that of his appointees by 30%. We keep hearing this all the time, but where is the evidence? We need to see the savings. It is one thing to say you have done this, and it is another to report on the outcome of the policy. How much has it saved the economy? Was it even worth it to cut it?”

He said in crisis moments, leaders out to be thorough and detailed n their presentations, so people will see what their government is doing to stabilize the economy.

He added that he expected a more thorough policy, and the presentation was not all that thorough.

He was, however, quick to add that his major takeaway was the assurance that there would be no ‘haircuts’ in treasury bills, bonds and other investments despite the speculations.

By: Rainbowrafioonline.com/Ghana

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