EC unable to pay electricity bills, outstanding bills for logistics, administrative releases delayed -Senior Staff


The National Council of the Senior Staff Association of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, the second highest decision-making body of the Association, has raised concerns over delayed payments of administrative releases, outstanding vills for logistics, and the drastic reduction of resources for operational activities.

The Council said there had been an unprecedented delay in the payment for logistics and other services (canopies, tables, chairs, generators, and boats) hired for the 2020 Voter Registration exercise as well as the delay in the payment of allowances for Commissioners for Oaths engaged for the 2020 Voter Transfer Exercise.

They have also lamented that there has been a ”drastic reduction in the allocation of resources for operational activities of the Commission since the 2018 Referendum to date”.


According to the Council, ”the current economic conditions make it impossible for Regional Directors, Deputy Regional Directors, and District Electoral Officers to Pre-finance fuel for official vehicles and undertake routine servicing and maintenance, inability to make payments for utilities (water and electricity) for the Offices and disconnection of some offices of the Commission due to non-payment of utility bills”.

The Council has among other things threatened to employ legitimate means and permissible tools under the Labour Laws of Ghana to press on home our demands after hanging of the red flags.

”All arrears owned to vendors should be paid by Wednesday 1st March 2023, to enable District Electoral Officers have the peace of mind to live and work in their districts. In the event that the commission fails to make payments, a. All calls from vendors will be directed to the Commission, b. Vendors will be directed to the Head Office to claim their monies
c. District Electoral Officers would be unable to engage the services of vendors for subsequent exercise.”

Below is the full Resolution of the Council

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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