Roar over sand winning at Domponiase


Soundness is yet to prevail over sand-winning activities at Domponiase within the Upper West Akyem district of the Eastern region.

Some two gentlemen stormed the Accra office of Rainbow Radio International hinting at an ongoing sand-winning operation and the havoc the same happens to cause. With them, the contractors did an illegal entry.

As custodians of the land, no one approached them, only to spot machines on site.


They claimed efforts to trace who might have released the parcel of land for business proved futile and that they were considering demonstrations to further press home their dislike for the development.

At their word, we directed our correspondent for the area, Prince Collins Bening to do follow-ups.

On his visit to the village and site of the sand winning, it came to the fore that the parcel of land in question does not belong to the guys who filed a complaint and that the contractor followed due process to acquire entry.

In any case, the sand-winning operation had harmed a water body that happens to be the main source of potable water for surrounding communities. The people took advantage of the opportunity to share out their worries with Prince.

On noticing the concern of the people, the contractors in question suspended operation until they find better means of preserving the water body. What more, they see the need to prevent any possible violence, the report further carried.

By: Daniel Asuku: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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