‘Pork is delicious like human, but it makes it easier for witches to attack you’ – Sonnie Badu


Sonnie Badu, a preacher and gospel musician, has stated that he is not forbidding people from eating pork, but is simply pointing out that it is unclean to do so.

The musician who went viral on social media after telling his congregation to avoid eating pork meant that meat is “sweet,” but it is unclean and will expose consumers to spiritual attacks.

He stated that witchcraft exists in families and that these evil powers do various things against members such as limitations, drunkenness, premature deaths, barrenness, and kidney failures, among other things.


“You must first recognise that every family has limitations. Curses cause limitations,” he explained to Daniel Dadson, host of Rainbow Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 92.4FM in the United Kingdom.

Sonnie Badu went on to say that these evil forces are powerful, and if you don’t detect them early and equip yourself spiritually, they will come after you even if you are a man of God.

According to the man of God, if you have a family with evil forces and witches, you should avoid eating pork because it is one of the ways they gain access to you and destroy you.

He explained that these witches and wizards usually destroy people by using our five senses.

He advised persons who consume pork meat and want to stop to embark on what he described as cleansing for six months.

During the period, he asked them not to consume pork since that would serve as the cleansing.

He said out of our five senses, the weakness link that witches treat people is through taste.

“People would accuse me of instilling fear and panic. But God has elevated me in all humility. People will accuse me of being arrogant. I am working on a level of blessing, so there is no need for me to show anyone anything. However, when I am teaching in the church, you will understand that there are forces in this world. If you have not encountered these evil forces, remain silent.”

By: Rainbowradioonlone.com/Ghana

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