73-year-old man allegedly stabbed to death over fowl


Adam Mahama, a man from the Savanna region, is said to have been stabbed.

The incident occurred in Salaga at Raafi Angulu in the late hours of Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

According to reports, the 73-year-old man died on the spot.


Per the information gathered, a misunderstanding arose as a result of a claimed ownership of a fowl, resulting in the alleged stabbing of Mr. Adam Mahama.

The incident is said to have involved two families, with some of them wielding cutlasses and other offensive weapons.

More information revealed that a young man went into the other party’s house to retrieve the fowl that he claimed was his.

He has, however, avoided a situation in which he was forced to call his friends and complain about the problem.

The situation deteriorated, and Adam Mahama is said to have requested that the parties stop fighting.

However, one of the young men is accused of stabbing him in the stomach and back with a cutlass.

Following the incident, the suspect has since fled.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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