Jomoro MP redeems pledge to constituents; reshapes 17-kilometre road

Dorcas Afo Toffey, Member of Parliament, has redeemed her promise to cocoa farmers, pregnant women, and sick people in and around towns such as Tweako 1, Tweako 2, Bentilbo, Kwaw-Grumah, and Navrongo in the Jomoro District of the Western Region to repair and reshape their deplorable roads.

The 17-kilometer road connects these communities to towns and villages, but the poor condition of the road has forced most activities to halt. Due to the nature of the road, students had to trek on this 17-kilometer road to and from school, and farm produce was stuck in the bushes because the okada, pragia (tricycle), and vehicles that were supposed to transport them refused to transport them due to the nature of the road.

In accordance with these, the MP for Jomoro toured and inspected these areas to determine the extent of the road. Following the tour, the MP promised to do everything she could to help repair the road. Residents praised the MP for promising to reshape the road for them. They explained that by reshaping the road, okaka and other vehicles will be able to use it to make a better living. Residents thanked the MP for showing them, motherly love.


Residents stated that they carry expectant mothers on the road to the health centre because no vehicle could ply the road, but thanks to the MP, the road is now motorable for them.

They explained that the former MP, Paul Essien, promised to construct the road for them while campaigning, only to turn them down after they voted for him. They added that even though Madam Afo Toffey’s government is no longer in power but has been able to repair and reshape the road for them, nothing will stop them from campaigning and voting for her to continue her stewardship.

Before and after the reshaping

Residents believe that political parties do not belong to individuals and are not individual property, so they will vote for whoever will help them, which is exactly what they will do for Madam Afo Toffey in the 2024 elections.

When asked what she would do to have the road completely tarred, Madam Afo Toffey responded that such roads are beyond her capacity as an MP, but she will channel it through the Roads Ministry to see what can be done. She explained that she has already begun discussions with the sector Minister about some of the deplorable roads in her constituency in order for the road in question to be added to it.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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