We deserve to be paid as Assembly Members – Assembly Man


Minister for Local F

Hon. Frank Fosu Darkwah, the Assembly member for the Ahenbronoso Electoral Area in the Tano South Municipal of the Ahafo region, has argued that Assembly Members’ work is so taxing that they require salaries or allowances to enable them to do their jobs effectively and reflect on the needs of their constituents.

He stated that the government should recognise the strenuous nature of some assembly members’ work, which involves spending the majority of their time-solving problems with their electorates, and ensure that they are given allowances to supplement their financial abilities in order to relieve some needy electorates from severe hardship.

He expressed concern about the public’s perception of assembly members being paid.


He refuted the claims, stating that they have not been given a penny as an allowance in any month.

He said that even though assembly members are not paid every month, he is always ready to serve his electorate because service to humanity is his hallmark and that he recognised all of the challenges that assembly members face.

The assemblyman said he decided to offer himself to the people of the Ahenbronoso electoral area because he was born to serve and thus must pay allegiance to his services to humanity.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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