Attack on Fresh FM journalists was unfortunate, the offender must be punished – Akyem Kade Chief


The Chief of Akyem Kade Osabarima Agyare Tinadu I is disgusted by the attack on Fresh FM journalists.

The traditional ruler said the attack was unfortunate, and as a chief, he feels embarrassed that journalists were attacked.

”Truth be told, I feel embarrassed speaking on this matter. I could not understand why the journalists were attacked. I would first apologise for the unfortunate incident that happened.”


In the course of their work in the community, three journalists from Fresh FM in Akyem Kade have been assaulted.

The sports department journalists were assaulted while covering a story about an abandoned stadium project in the community.

Two newly hired employees were among the journalists, as was a senior worker who was leading the team to show them around the area.

The senior worker explained to the new workers that the abandoned land, which is earmarked for a stadium project, had been abandoned and had grown weeds.

The two other journalists photographed the location, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, a resident of the neighbourhood stormed the scene and assaulted the journalists, claiming that they had photographed the house.

Oheneba Cudjoe has been identified as the man who allegedly assaulted them.

He is said to be the late Kade Chief’s son, but in response, Osabarima Agyare Tinadu stated that the matter must be handled by the police.

He also denied that the suspect is the son of the late chief, who died several years ago.

According to him, he [Tinadu I], has been accused by some of being the cause of the problem and has since fled.

He admitted that he had no knowledge of the issue and that those who accused him did so in error.

To the journalists attacked, he said, ”I would want to apologise. Do not let this incident discourage you from working hard. Be courageous and understand that although unfortunate, it is the hazard of the job”.

He stated that the community must change, but that some bad nuts are engaging in criminal activities, giving the area a bad reputation.

He made it clear that the chief and traditional leaders in the area would not tolerate some bad apples bringing a bad name to the community.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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