Being overly excited, working without feeling tired could be signs of bipolar disorder – Expert

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Principal Mental Health Officer in Birim North District, Mr. Rexford Kwakye, a.k.a Atinka, has revealed that consistent excessive joy and sadness could be warning signs of bipolar disorder.

“Being excessively happy or sad for more than a week could be a sign of bipolar disorder,” he said. If someone is consistently happy or sad for more than a week, you should be concerned. That could be a symptom of bipolar disorder”.

Depression, anxiety, and excessive strength, as well as the ability to work without feeling tired, he explained, could all be warning signs.


”Others may refuse to eat because they have lost their appetite. Others refuse to eat or work unless they are exhausted. These people work with happiness, and if you see too many of these signs, you should be concerned.”

According to him, bipolar disorder is also a manic depression classified as a mental illness characterised by extreme highs and lows in mood as well as changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behaviour.

People with the condition could experience periods of extreme happiness and vigour, as well as periods of extreme sadness, hopelessness, and sluggishness, he added.

People suffering from the condition are overly excited and confident. These emotions can also include irritability and rash or reckless decision-making.

He added that with increased education and advocacy, we could help to reduce it.

He advised people to avoid spiritual camps and instead seek medical attention in the early stages of their illness.

Ghana, in 2022, recorded 1,759 cases of bipolar disorder, Mr. Kwakye disclosed.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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