Don’t trust your wives but respect and protect them- Prophet


Prince Elisha Osei Kofi, the Founder and General Overseer of Grace Family Church (formerly Power Embassy Church), has advised married men not to trust their wives but respect them.

“You don’t have to trust women. Women are not to be trusted. We don’t trust ourselves as men, so why should we trust women? Kwabena [referring to the host] do you trust yourself? Let us put you in a room and bring in a naked woman to see if you can handle it. You should not put your trust in your wife. All you have to do is respect her, treat her well, and protect her.”

He went on to say that men should protect their wives and not let them go out alone all the time.


“As a married man, you should not let your wife go to the club by herself. Some men allow their wives to date other men, and if they are unlucky, their wives are pursued by other men. You are a pot-belly man who allows your wife to go out by herself and men with six packs. That is not correct.”

Meanwhile, the man of God has also advised men who engage in long-distance relationships and marriages to be cautious.

Such unions he opined breed cheating and heartbreaks and waste of resources.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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