Our road is in a terrible state and we do not have potable drinking water – Zongo Chief


The Zongo Chief of Gomoa, Nyanayano Saliki Issaka Giwa, has expressed concern about the area’s poor road network and lack of access to potable drinking water.

The situation, the chief lamented, was affecting people’s livelihoods, and the government needed to address the issue immediately.

He claims that over 150,000 people use the road and that due to the poor condition of the road, investors are forced to relocate their businesses to other communities, prompting the government to intervene through the Ministry of Roads and Highways.


”The poor nature of the road is our major challenge. No investor is willing to invest in the area. When they come and assess the area and see the deplorable nature of the road, they move away. One of the key activities we engage in here is salt production. Our salt is of high quality because we do not add additives. But those expected to come and trade with us are not coming because of the bad road.”

He also raised the issue of potable drinking water, saying residents are struggling to have good drinking water and the government must take steps to address them.

The chief further revealed the residents in the area are part of the country and deserves a fair share of the national cake.

He said the government must take steps to the challenge so they would be able to get investors to come to the area to invest in the salt business.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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