Schorlaship Secretariat boss and all his accomplices must be prosecuted – NDC UK

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Deputy Communications Officer for the National Democratic Congress’s United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter, Fiifi Asante Mpare, has expressed outrage at the latest scandal at the Schorlaship Secretariat.

The NDC officer believes the publication by the Fourth Estate must be probed further, and all those involved must be prosecuted and jailed for their involvement.

The incident, he opined, concerns corruption and corruption-related activities.


A recent publication by the Fourth Estate dubbed ‘Scholarship Bonanza’ has, among other things, alleged that scholarships are being unfairly distributed to well-connected affluent individuals.

The Fourth Estate, in its latest publication christened ‘Scholarship Bonanza’, has named persons close to key government officials as beneficiaries of scholarships that it deems inappropriate.

The Fourth Estate reported that the Scholarship Secretariat’s response to the RTI request showed that it had spent GHS237.5 million and GHS200 million in 2019 and 2020, respectively, covering both foreign and local scholarships.

The investigations by the news portal revealed a trend where scholarship funds were handed over to influential people as well as children, relatives, and associates of powerful figures.

Despite the backlash against the government, communicators of the NPP have justified the award of the scholarships to the beneficiaries.

But Fiifi Asante Mpare says the NPP has politicised every state institution in Ghana to the extent that those employed to work there are working in the interest of the NPP and not the country.

He also alleged that some of the scholarships were sold for $20,000 and above and that some of the beneficiaries had to pay before they received the scholarships.

“The NPP has politicised all our state institutions, and so people employed to work there are now doing the bidding of the NPP and not the interests of Ghanaians. What you are doing is evil. You are shamelessly defending this pure evil and scandal at the Schorlaship Secretariat. Some of the scholarships were sold to people so they could go and study in Canada, the USA, and other countries.”
He has therefore called for the immediate interdiction of the boss at the Secretariat, Kingsley Agyemang, and all other persons who are complicit.

He served notice that a new NDC government would deal with the matter and ensure that they faced the full rigours of the law.

He was speaking on Rainbow a 92.4 FM, UK.

By: Rainbowradadioonline.com/Ghana

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