A farmer, with support from two brothers, allegedly defiles his stepdaughter and kills her for money rituals  


A farmer has allegedly defiled and killed his stepdaughter on a farm at Ahwenamo near Nsuobiri in the Upper West Akim in the Eastern Region.

The farmer has been identified as Brother Amenyor.

He allegedly lured a minor into a farm where he had sexual intercourse before allegedly killing her.


Reporting from the area, Rainbow Radio’s Prince Collins Bening said the suspect used a cutlass to attack the stepdaughter, which led to her death.

It has also emerged that the suspect engaged in the act with support from two of his brothers.

Prince Collins Bening further reported that it took the intervention of a palm wine tapper, who raised an alarm, leading to the arrest of the farmer and his two other accomplices.

Our reporter added that the family of the deceased has alleged that the suspect wanted to use their daughter for money ritual purposes.

He said the farmer had been having sexual intercourse with the minor, but when she reported the incident to her mother, she shut her up and described her claims as false.

On the day of the incident, the minor was on her way to fetch water with some others when the stepfather confronted her and told her to accompany him to the farm.

The minor refused, but the stepfather forced her, and while on their way, she (deceased) screamed for help, claiming the stepfather was going to kill her.

The other children who went with the deceased to fetch the water rushed home to report the incident.

A group of residents rushed to the farm, where the suspect and his accomplices allegedly killed the minor.

Before the residents reached the farm, the palm wine tapper confronted the suspect about why he had blood stains on his cutlass, and in his response, he claimed he had killed an animal.

The palm tapper, unsure of the truth, further investigated the issue, discovering that the stains were actually human blood.

He then held the farmer, who allegedly attempted to kill him.

The palm tapper screamed for help drawing the attention of others.

When the body was discovered, some vital parts, including her head and eyes, were severed.

The suspects are now in the custody of the police, who are assisting with investigations.

The mortal remains of the minor have been handed over to the family after the police finished with an autopsy on the body.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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