Ghana treated me with impunity and cruelty when it prosecuted me for narcotics offences – Kwaw Kese


Rapper Kwaw Kese believes he was treated with cruelty following his arrest and conviction for narcotics offences after being caught smoking marijuana in public in 2015.

The musician alleged that his arrest and prosecution were discriminatory.

Contrary to claims that he was detained for narcotics possession, the musician maintained that what he had was a herb, not narcotics.


Speaking on the Midmorning Show on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, Kwaw Kese said the situation affected his brand and caused him a lot of negative reactions with the corporate world.

Kwaw Kese was tried for narcotic offences and was sentenced to a day’s imprisonment and a fine of GH1,200 in 2015.

Commenting on the incident, Kwaw Kese told host Sokoohemaa Kukua that “I haven’t had any drug issues. What I had was an herb. It was not narcotics”, he stated.

When asked if this changed him, he said, “Yes, it changed me. It gave me an experience. It changed my perception of Ghana as a motherland. I realised Ghana is not a motherland. As a mother, you should be compassionate towards your children. Ghana didn’t act towards me as a mother. Ghana treated me with impunity and cruelty, so I saw Ghana differently. But it did not change anything about me.

I still love Ghana. I cannot adopt another country as mine. I was born and raised here, so I am still a proud Ghanaian. But the way I used to see Ghana is no longer the same. The situation affected my business and my finances. It affected my business in the corporate world,” he added.

He was, however, quick to add that despite all these challenges, he was doing better than some of his colleagues.
By: Rainbowradioonline com/Ghana

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