Some of our chiefs are only interested in the V8s, drinks, and money politicians give them, not better policies for Ghana – Atubiga


Leader and Founder of the National Liberation Congress (NLC), Stephen Atubiga, has taken a swipe at some traditional leaders in the country for their failures to be critical of political leaders.

Although he failed to mention names, he said some of these traditional leaders have no interest in the policies and programmes our politicians propose but rather their selfish interests.

He noted that the traditional leaders do not criticise our politicians and their promises, especially when they pay courtesy calls on them in their respective jurisdictions.


Mr. Atubiga said some of these traditional leaders are only interested in how they will get V8s, money, drinks, and other benefits from our political leaders.

He stated that when political leaders with an interest in contesting elections pay courtesy calls on chiefs, some of them do not have any interest in what message the person brings to them but in the benefits they will get.

“When politicians pay courtesy calls on our chiefs, they are more interested in the money and drinks the politician will bring than the message the politician will deliver. They are more concerned with how politicians will provide money than with the message. People are also interested in money, not policies or programmes. So when they achieve power, all they concentrate about is how to recuperate their campaign expenses.

That is why we are where we are today. Ghanaians have planted the seed of corruption in the pockets of politicians. Until Ghanaians to start giving politicians free votes based on their brains and vision and not their pockets; we will not be able to deal with corruption.”

Speaking in an interview with Dr. Ren on Rainbow Radio 92.4 FM in the United Kingdom, he stated that “corruption has affected every system of our lives to the point that our politicians have become stupid, refusing to think outside the box, and only interested in what they will steal from the state or take home when elected to public office”.

In mincing no words, he declared that “politicians we have in Africa, particularly Ghana, think of their pockets before the country. That is why Ghana is underdeveloped”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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