AG is overloaded with work so allow individuals prosecute corruption cases for a reward-Domelevo

The Auditor General, Daniel Domelovo, has indicated that the Attorney General is overloaded with cases hence the need to commercialise cases of corruption.

He is therefore asking for the state to consider allowing people to initiate legal actions against corrupt persons in order to reduce the number of cases that the AG has to pursue

‘’The Attorney-General is overloaded from my point of view because you can’t have armed robbers, rape cases etc and you will go and talk about misprocurement…So I have suggested we should commercialise prosecution of corruption cases because this is an offence against all of us. It is not an offence against some people in the society.’’

He believes citizens must have the right to go to court when they feel some individuals have engaged in corrupt practices as public officials.

‘’It should not be a decision of one person or a ministry. If that happens, then nobody is safe.’’ He noted.

He also called for a reward system for people who would be able to retrieve stolen monies from persons who stole from the state.

The Auditor-General suggested that the state should also motivate people who prosecute corruption as a way of creating employment for others.

‘’There should be reward for this. People who can go to court and help retrieve stolen money should be well rewarded and this should be in law,’’ he proposed.

Speaking at the National Accountability Forum organized by Corruption Watch and Anti-Corruption Coalition, The Auditor General, Daniel Domelovo decried the lack of resources for the various state institutions.

He called for proper evaluation of all the various state institutions so Ghanaians would know how effective they are despite the lack of enough resources allocated to them.




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