Australian gov’t cautions nationals in Ghana to desist from using public transport

The Australian government has cautioned its nationals in Ghana to avoid the use of Uber, taxis and public transport in the wake of kidnappings in the country.

The Australian government has also advised its nationals travelling to Ghana to “exercise normal safety precautions, use common sense and look out for suspicious behaviour, as you would in Australia”.

Australia has become the third country after Canada and UK issued similar warnings to their nationals.

Speaking at a security event in Accra Tuesday the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Andrew Barnes, said the caution was to advice nationals to be mindful; of their personal security.

“We have just this morning updated our travel advisory here in Ghana but we haven’t raised the level.’’

“All we’ve said is just uh, we put a bit of emphasis on Australians travelling or living in Ghana to be more aware of their personal security and we’ve mentioned that they should be careful of using public transport and taxis and Ubers and that sort of thing.

“So, just really a reminder for everyone to exercise due caution and take generally safe decisions”.

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