Legendary hiplife star, Paa Dogo, has made some serious allegations against Big Ben Music, one of Ghana’s top music brands.S

Speaking in an exclusive interview on GH Entertainment on the Celebrity Check-up segment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm he said, Big Ben Music cheated him in terms of sales of his songs.

According to him, Big Ben Music duplicated his CDs and sold the duplicated ones at the detriment of his hard work and sweat.

Paa Dogo said despite the huge success of his CDs, Big Ben Music always told him they had not made sales from the CDs.

He told the host the music company sold over 10,000 copies of his popular hits but the money never came to him but went into the pocket of Big Ben.

Meanwhile, the artiste has also disclosed he never made enough money from music despite the fame that came with it.

He said, music during our time could not help you make money. Majority of the work we did in the past was like charity work. Music was not paying in the past but the situation has changed today. Musicians in this era are making money.”

The building contractor and estate developer said, all the property I have managed to establish, were not from my musical career rather, my hard work and other businesses I did gave me the opportunity to make money.

In his view, any musician in his era who would claim to have made enough money from music, may not be speakibg the truth.

He stressed, no musician during my time could boost of making enough money from music. Any musician who would make such a claim, is a lair and should not be taken serious.”

He has hinted of a massive return and has admonished his fans to expect new releases from him.


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