Big Body, Big Body, your mind is as weak as coins-Strongman jabs Medikal

The Ghanaian social media space is currently buzzing hot with the release of Strongman’s latest track in which he has thrown shots at the fellow rapper, Medikal.

Strongman in the song titled ‘Don’t Try’ which was produced by TubhaniMuzik, jabbed Medikal by throwing shades at him.

Strongman in the song described Medikal as a novice in the music scene.

Describing him as a fraud boy, he asked his colleague to subtract his fraud money from the real money and ‘’you will realize that the balance which is the real money, cannot even afford you a bicycle’’.

Doling out loads of insults to Medikal, Strongman, warned the rapper to be wary of him because ‘’when you spare the rod, you will spoil the child’’.

He further described him as an unwise rapper due to the fact that he has started dating a woman who is ‘bootylicious’.

Strongman’s diss song which has got personalities including politicians, journalists among others commenting, mocked Medikal and laughed off his claims that he was the one who saved Ghanaian rap music.

‘’When it comes to rap music, you are on the bench…big body, big body your mind is as weak as coins…When it comes to rap music, I [Strongman] am still in insane…SSS leaves, be mindful how you talk to a graduate,’’ he jabbed.

He also claimed that Medikal has only become popular because of the women he dated and the controversies surrounding him and not because he is a good rapper.



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