Chereponi Conflicts-There maybe more to the clashes than the the two-acre land-Seidu Danaa

Former Chieftaincy Minister under the erstwhile John Mahama’s administration, Dr, Seidu Danaa has underscored the need for us to take a critical look at the root cause of the Chereponi clashes.

In the view of the former minister, academician and researcher, the claims that the unresolved conflicts were as a result of a two-acre land may not be the real cause.

Dr. Danaa said sometimes what we think is a land dispute is not a land dispute but a chieftaincy dispute in disguise.

For him, it may sound funny to blame the conflicts over a land and has therefore stressed on the need for further probe into the Chereponi’s checkered history of conflict over a two-acre land.

Chereponi has a population of 53,294 at last count in 2010 with Some 50% of them are under 15 years.

But it is in this area that the Chokosis and Bimobas are fighting over who can fish in the Kpembi river and Chokosis and Konkombas are fighting over who can use a two-acre land.

But Dr. Danaa says it was important to conduct a serious probe to find lasting solutions.

The use of military and police to maintain law and law  he suggested would not necessary solve the problem.

‘’People claim the conflict is over a land. But is it true? Who owns the land? We need to find out who owns what,’’ he said.

He was worried Ghana does not have a national policy on land related conflicts.

He called for a national blueprint to help us solve chieftaincy disputes no matter the government in power.

He appealed to traditional rulers to desist from actions that could influence conflicts and further challenged politicians to deist from meddling in chieftaincy matters to keep it safe and neutral.

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