Current blackout due to transmission challenge but its too early to blame PDS-IES

Research Fellow at the Institute of Energy Security (IES), Mikdad Mohammed, has blamed the recent power outages to transmission challenges.

In an interview on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm with host Kwabena Agyapong, he said, the recent power outages are largely transmission and not generation.

He explained that we have moved from the stage where we experienced generation problems which were due to debts but we are currently experiencing transmission challenges which have been caused by pilled up receivables by GRIDCo.

Mikdad Mohammed said due to GRIDCo’s lack of maintenance-which is due to lack of resources, we area encountering this challenge.

He said, the coincidence at hand is that, it has come at a time when the Power Distribution Services (PDS) has taken over the Electricity of Ghana (ECG).

Mr Mohammed in answering a question on whether Ghanaians have the right to blame PDS said, although I am not the PRO for PDS, to be fair to them, they are in their third week and so it would not be proper to blame them for the situation we are facing.

He said, the ECG has been operating for decades and had left behind debts and challenges and so, it would be impossible for PDS to solve these challenges in three weeks.

‘’It is too early yet to blame them,’’ he stressed.

He underscored the need for Ghanaians to draw the lines between the institutions that are responsible for transmission and those responsible for generation in order to ensure that we build efficiencies.

‘’Going forward, Ghanaians should know that generation is not in the hands of ECG but in the hands of IPP and VRA, and transmission is in the hands of GRIDCo…And we expect it will inform the discussion going forward so that where there is a circuit breaker at Dworwulu, people will know it is an infrastructure for GRIDCo. When that occurs, we will build efficiency in all the institutions,’’ he added.


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