Death of Suale was bound to happen but highly preventable-Security Expert


A security expert Adams Bonah, has posited that the murder of Ahmed Hussein-Suale was bound to happen.

In his view, the number of investigative works done by the Tiger Eye PI team exposed them to danger and so the murder of Suale was bound to happen.

Recounting some of the works done by the investigative team, he said, they have investigated judges and due to that, some of them have been sacked; they have investigated about the police, customs and they went as far as Tanzania and Nigeria and all these things had to with trying to find the bad people.

He has however added that, the death of Suale was highly preventable if the team had taken their security into consideration after MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong blew his contact.

‘’What happened was preventable, if the Tiger Eye team had putting in place precautionary measures, the death of Suale could have been prevented.

He said the journalist should have relocated to a new place but took the issue for granted.

He admonished the rest of the Tiger Eye team to take serious security measures following the death of their colleague.

Mr Bonah said, it has also come to his notice that Anas only requested for police protection for himself without considering his other colleagues after the threats on their lives started coming.

The official website of the Tiger Eye team he said,  the investigators are Israeli trained, provides man guard services, however, they failed to protect their own lead investigators.

He further quizzed what stopped the Tiger Eye team from installing secret or CCTV cameras where the late Suale was residing.

He asked Ghanaians to be circumspect and deist from claiming that Ghana is currently under a state of insecurity following the gruesome murder of some five individuals just in two weeks after we entered 2019.

The cases he insisted are isolated and not related.

He challenged morning show hosts and journalists in general to be security conscious in order to prevent such occurrences in future.

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