Entire board of GTV & Staff must be dissolved for promoting useless contents-Prophet Oduro

The General Overseer of the
Alabaster Prayer Ministries, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro, has called for the immediate dissolution of the entire board at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) over what he has described as the lost of values of the station.

In his Sunday March 3rd, 2019, sermon, the prophet said, the station has lost it values, failed to develop content to promote the Ghanaian culture and history and has rather resulted to the promotion of foreign culture through the airing of useless soap operas.

He also slammed other television channels promoting foreign cultures through the airing of foreign soaps with translation in twi.

This he said has affected children and influencing them negatively.

Prophet Kofi Oduro said, the entertainment industry is dead because the various television channels have failed to promote Ghanaian culture and the nation’s channel, which is expected to do things differently, have also been caught in this useless activities.

“Ghallywood, Kumawood whatever you want to call it is dead. South American soap operas have taken over television including GTV. You should bow your heads down in shame. Everybody there should be sacked. The whole board of GTV must be dissolved. Everybody must be made to go home, fresh people must be employed. You’ve lost values.”

Comparing England to Ghana, the prophet said, under no circumstance would they promote other cultures aside theirs.

“Where is Obra (a local television drama series), where is showcase in Ga? You go to South America and pay for these useless soap operas and show it on television…So our children are unable to understand anything about us because of what they watch today. They grow up and want to become like Jay Z and others who are useless and ungodly.”

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