Ghanaians Cry Loud For Neglected Asomdwe Park

As the 7th year of the death of President, Atta-Mills approaches, and in the wake of the neglect of both the NDC administration under John Mahama and the NPP Administration of Akufo-Addo, of the burial place of the late President, Ghanaians are crying for the peaceful reign of the Asomdwehene.

Some angry Ghanaians who speak to have expressed disappointment at the sorry state of the burial place and have thrown their support behind the decision by the family to exhume the body and rebury him in his hometown.

Others also said they were disappointed angry particularly angry at the NDC Administration under John Mahama which had four and a half years to build the Asomdwee Park to its proper specification.

The family had requested for the body to be buried in his hometown of Ekumfi Otuam but was buried at the Asomdwee Park.

The NDC government christened the final resting place of Prof Mills, which had been beautifully decorated, as Asomdwee Park, and promised to use as a presidential resting place.

Currently, the Asomdwee Park appears to have been abandoned, as the place is in a vegetative state.

Paul Ansah Ackom, a spokesperson for the family of the late President, said the present state of the first presidential mausoleum, is nothing to write home about as prostitutes, wee smokers, cattle, and rodents, have invaded the place.

“I visited Asomdwee Park on Saturday, June 8, 2019, and what even killed my soul was when I saw a man sitting on the tomb and smoking weed. I was really hurt,” he bemoaned.

Mr. Ackom wondered why there would be security breaches at such an important state facility which also serves as a tourist site.

He revealed how the tomb of the humble late Professor had been exposed to the vagaries of the weather with its metallic cover developing grim cracks.

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