Ghana’s Constitution is a ‘sakawa’ constitution & protecting thieves, corrupt people but punishing the poor-Ernesto

Leader of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah, has described Ghana’s 1992 constitution as a ‘sakawa’ constitution.

Speaking at the first awards ceremony and cocktail ceremony organised at the office of the league, Ernesto Yeboah said the constitution was designed to protect the elite.

Ernesto Yeboah said we are in a system that has been responsible for the toils, struggles and economic hardship we have experienced over the years.

He said our biggest impediment to our economic freedom starts and ends with the 1992 constitution.

He added, although a democratic country is guided by the constitution, what we have in Ghana is a ‘sakawa’ constitution and a ‘ma tricky wu constitution’.

He said, it is a constitution that has failed to deliver on its promise of a true democracy and a constitution that has failed to bring about the economic freedom it promised.

He made particular reference to the Transnational Provision and Indemnity Section of the 1992 Constitution (Article 34:2) which disallows government and appointees from being prosecuted for crimes.

This he noted defeats the purpose and values of democracy which is premised on equality before the law but because of this provision, some people are seen above the law and that he insisted is unfortunate.

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