GIJ ‘boils’ following disqualification of all 7 SRC Prez hopefuls

The Electoral Commission (EC) of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), has disqualified all seven Students Representative Council (SRC) Presidential hopefuls.

At a press conference held to announce the official results after vetting the candidates who picked forms to contest the race, the EC led by Mr Isaac Adu, said the candidates were disqualified based on constitutional grounds.

The candidates Fauzu Masawudu, Evans A. Mensah, Joseph Agbezuke, and Cheku Armah Charles were all disqualified on grounds of the required 6 months constitutional requirement.

Specifically on Masawudu, the EC said it gathered evidence to prove that his Vice Presidential candidate, Isaac Arthur was campaigning even when the ban on campaigning had not been lifted.

The other three aspirants, Philip Sabah, Kyeku Charles and Louisa Kwakye, were also disqualified on grounds of constitutional requirement which says a candidate seeking to contest the position for president should have served in a position at the General Assembly for a period of six months.

However, all the disqualified candidates have up to Tuesday April 2, 2019 to pick forms at a cost of GHc900 each to reenter the race.

In an exclusive interview with the EC Chair Mr Isaac Adu he explained that the disqualification of the candidates had nothing to do with manipulation but the vetting committee did its official duty in establishing the reasons for their disqualification.

Some of the candidates expressed shock at the decision and threatened to place an injunction on the entire process.

Some students also expressed shock and alleged that the EC is financially handicapped to run the election hence using the disqualification to raise funds for the exercise.

There were other aspiring candidates for other positions who were also disqualified on the same constitutional grounds and others.

Others candidates failed to meet the pass mark after vetting.

Yayra Utah and Patience Sowah were disqualified in the Womens Commission race whereas Adams Bintu Charlotte and Sylvia Agyapong qualified.

For the External Affairs position, one Albert was disqualified because he could not meet the pass mark.

Michael Elorm qualified to contest the race.

For the Organising Secretary position, Cedric Kekeli Afewu and Ofosu Agyeman Jeffery, were disqualified on constitutional grounds.

Joanah Dagla and Emmanuel Owusu were disqualified for not meeting the pass mark.

The two were contesting for the Financial Secretary position.

Out of the three persons contesting for the General Secretary position, one person, Richard Bediako, was disqualified for not meeting the pass mark.

Read below the student notice on the EC verdict


The GIJ-SRC EC will like to inform the general student populace about the vetting results and reasons why some aspirants were disqualified of the various portfolios.

Fauzu Masawudu- *DISQUALIFIED because he hasn’t served up to 6 months*

2. *Screenshot which had “VOTE FOR FAUZU MASAWUDU from the vice presidential aspirant was circulated widely on social media who choose breaches the constitutional instrument guiding the process of the elections.*

Evans Aziamor- Mensah- *DISQUALIFIED because his running mate did not meet the constitutional provision of 6 monts.*

2. *Act constitutes false information regarding the vice president not meeting the 6months constitutional provision*

Verdict Noble- *DISQUALIFIED because he provided false information to the Commission about his TIN number.*

Louisa Kwakye- *DISQUALIFIED because she didn’t meet the 6months constitutional requirement.*

Joseph Agbezuke- *DISQUALIFIED because of wrong information given to the Commission regarding representation at general assembly and subsequent qualification to contest on such basis.*

Philip Kwame Sabah- *DISQUALIFIED because he hasn’t served 6 months constitutional requirement*

Charles Cheku- *DISQUALIFIED because he didn’t meet the pass mark as set out by the vetting panel of the EC.*

Patrick Nambe- *QUALIFIED*

Bright Opoku Boamah- *QUALIFIED*

Mortty Richmond Bediako- *DISQUALIFIED because he didn’t meet the pass mark set out by the vetting panel of the EC .*

Joana Dagla- *DISQUALIFIED because she didn’t meet the pass mark set out by the vetting panel*

Emmanuel Owusu- *DISQUALIFIED because he didn’t meet the pass mark set out by the vetting panel of the EC.*

Afewu Cedrick- *DISQUALIFIED because he failed to meet the constitutional mandate of serving (Only presidents of halls and clubs are constitutionally recognized as serving)*

Ofosu Agyeman Jeffrey- *DISQUALIFIED because he paid his school fees after vetting, which constitutes a failure of the ‘good standing clause’ in the Constitution.*

Abeborna Yayra Utah- *DISQUALIFIED because she didn’t meet the pass mark as set out by the vetting panel of the EC*

2. *Failed to meet the constitutional requirement of 6 months*

Patience Naa Sowah- *DISQUALIFIED because she didn’t meet the pass mark as set out by the vetting panel of the EC*

Adams Bintu Charlotte- *QUALIFIED*

Sylvia Agyapong- *QUALIFIED*

Micheal Elorm Zah- *DISQUALIFIED because he hasn’t served 6 months constitutional requirement.*

Albert Brown Gaisie- *DISQUALIFIED because he didn’t meet the pass mark as set out by the vetting panel of the EC .*


1.You are free to pick up nominations for a vacant portfolio of your choice

2.Aspirants shall be required to pick nomination form at *100ghc only*.

3.No aspirant shall be required to pay filing fees for the second time except for *new aspirants* who may wish to file for a vacant position.

4.All aspirants *Except* new aspirants will not be required to have their forms endorsed by students.

*Emmanuella Tagoe*
(Executive Secretary)

*L/Cpl.John Teye Wisdom
(Dep.EC Chairman)

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