Global music icon Rocky Dawuni has encouraged parents to support the creative talents of wards


Afroroots star Rocky Dawuni has admonished parents to support the creative talents of their wards.

Rocky, a celebrated global performer with a decade-long career, appealed to parents to desist from pushing their wards into professions against their wish since that is not the best.

The avid humanitarian and environmentalist, lending his voice to amplify issues of poverty, environmental degradation, water and sanitation issues and women’s rights said we can all not be doctors and lawyers hence the need for parents to always support their children to discover their creative talents.

rocky dawuni

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He encouraged parents to help their children focus on the creative talents and build a career out of it.

He was speaking in an interview with Sokoohemaa Kukua, on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm on the Away Bus Show today [Friday] March, 8, 2019.

Disclosing how he came to love reggae songs the artiste said, growing up on an army barracks, Rocky I listened to a lot of reggae and Afro beat songs which at the time was revolutionary style music.

It was these kinds of music that endeared him to reggae music and made him decide to chose that genre as a form of expression of his musical talents.

He disclosed when he realised music was a career he wanted to pursue, he gave in his all and the rest has been history.




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