How abductors killed two pregnant women, a student & raped others- Narration of an escapee

A teacher has given a chilling account of how a pupil of his witnessed the alleged shooting and killing of two pregnant women and another person in a suspected kidnapping case.

The teacher in an exclusive interview with Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said the pupil [name withheld] was on her to school last week Friday from Opeikuma to Kasoa when the sprinter bus she was onboard with other passengers was abducted.

Isaac said the driver of the sprinter bus told the passengers he wanted to divert the usual route in order to dodge the traffic.

However, the driver stopped at an unfamiliar place and placed a call telling the one on the phone that he had brought in the people they were looking for.

‘’My pupil narrated to me after the driver placed the call, about five men masked with guns walked to the car and rounded them up into the house. They rounded them up and moved them into a room.’’

The teacher told the host the abductors started grouping the passengers and assaulted the men among the victims of the abduction.

‘’There were pregnant women, children and some men. They took about three women and raped them, he added.

Isaac said one of the pregnant women asked the abductors to take her to the hospital because she was due for delivery but shockingly she was shot and killed by the abductors.

While this was ongoing, the other pregnant woman started vomiting then the leader of the group became furious and asked why a sick person had been brought to him.

The leader of group questioned his colleagues and asked why they brought a sick person when they knew what they were about to do did not require a sick person.

‘’The leader then shot the second pregnant woman,’’ he narrated.

From the narration of Teacher Isaac, it appeared the abductors had kidnapped the passengers for organ transplant.

Another victim who was said to be a university student begged the abductors to let her go because she had exams to write but the leader of the group shot her and said, he [leader] could not complete senior high school and so she would not be set free.

In disclosing how his pupil escaped, Isaac said the pupil prayed and from the prayer, she heard a voice asking her to run for her dear life until she met a taxi driver, narrated what happened and then the taxi dropped her at a junction where she later picked car to her school.

The case was then reported to the police at Opeikuma but the police took the victim to their residence instead of taking her to the location.

In assigning reasons why the police failed to take the victim to the crime scene, he said the pupil became traumatised and could also not locate the scene where the incident occurred.

Isaac was of the view the other passengers may have been killed by the abductors and has encouraged the public in Kasoa and its environs to go the police and report if they suspect a relative of theirs had gone missing since last Friday.




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