A former member of music group, Buk Bak, Papa Shoto,  has revealed on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that he was the founder of the group.

Speaking to Prince Kweai Dadzie aka Mr Handsome, he said, the group when it started was rehearsing at his father’s residence which shared  the same wall with the late Ronnie Coaches.

According to him, there are a number of people who are aware of his claims including Appietus and Kaywa.

The name Buk Back he said came from the name Buff Baff, an American group.

Papa Shoto said money was the major factor that led to the break up of the award winning group.

Papa Shoto said he travelled abroad to seek greener pastures but while he was away, proceeds that come out of their songs was not properly accounted for.

He said, there was no other option than to break away because he could not trust the other group members and felt the situation would have been worst if they had not gone  their separate ways.

Buk Bak was a Ghanaian musical group composed of Prince Bright, Isaac Shoetan and Ronny Coaches. They rapped in Ga, Twi, and Pidgin, and were the first hiplife group in Ghana to be successful with Ga lyrics.

As of 2006, they were both pursuing individual projects. Bright and Ronny reunited in 2012 to record what turned out to be their final album as a group, Fisherman Anthem. The original group had more members, some of which have formed groups like 4×4. The group ended in November 2013, after the death of Ronny Coaches.

Papa Shoto when asked if he believes he has done better after the break up said he has done extremely as a solo musician.

His relationship with Bright he disclosed has fallen so badly because he had wanted them to do a reunion song on some of their old hit tracks but the group removed his voice from their hit track ‘Kolom’ and ‘Alanta’, a situation he described as painful and unfortunate.

Papa Shoto who felt emotional said he even used his own resources to book a flight to Ghana for them to reunite but he was ignored by the group he formed.

Award winning producers, Appiatus and Kaywa when contacted said they could not recollect the claims made by Papa Shoto.


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