The Minister of State in charge of National Security, Bryan Acheampong, has denied before the Commission of Inquiry investigating the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election shooting incident that, he confirmed deploying the masked men seen on the day of the polls.

The minister told the committee he was being attacked by some persons who are bent on tarnishing his hard won reputation.

According to Mr Acheampong, he does not know any of the masked men who were deployed by the National Security nor did he meet them at his residence as shared on Facebook by some political opponents.

Social media was awash with photos of men in security uniforms at a residence alleged to be that of the minister but Mr Acheampong, flatly denied the allegations, denied knowledge of the masked men and insisted he has never met them or his is he aware of how they were recruited.

An interview he granted Accra based Citi FM was played to his hearing at hearing but he still denied saying he deployed the masked men.

Mr Acheampong in the said interview with Citi Fm said: “It is not like they came from somewhere and they were just engaged. They were part of the setup that we deployed yesterday.”

“Every deployment is based on the information that you receive and so you deploy in preparedness for the information that you have. Whether they are in masks, they are in slippers, they are plain clothes, it doesn’t matter. You need to protect the public.”

There was a shooting incident near a La Bawaleshie polling centre that temporarily disrupted the polls.

The incident was widely criticised especially when the masked men were also seen in ear rings with busy hair.

But Bryan Acheampong says it was not an unusual act for the masked men to be in ear rings and it has been part of their dressing.



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