Ghanaian comedian, Obed Dankyi popularity known as as Asaase ban, has disclosed on GH Entertainment that the fame he got at an early age, deprived him of pursuing higher education.

Speaking to Togo Borga, the comedian said although he had the opportunity to further his education to the senior level through the university, the comedy he was into prevented him from pursuing higher education.

Asaase Aban said as early as his junior high school days, he was been featured on the screens and so, I felt that was more important than education, he added.

When asked if he regretted his action, the comedian said he has not regretted and felt there was still an opportunity for him to go back to school.

” I have not regretted my action because it was through comedy I got the opportunity to travel abroad including Canada. I have no regrets because I managed to complete junior high school, ” he said.

Asaase Aban said during their era, they could not make so much money from the comedy they did because the job was not regular and only came occasionally.

He also alleged some leaders who managed them in the past, failed to give them the money due them.

“Some of our leaders cheated us. They kept some of the money we worked for. We fought for the money to be paid but we never received the money till date, ” he said.

He further recounted his experience with alcohol and said he had to put a stop to the practice because it did not help him.

“For five years, I was taking in alcoholic drinks including the locally manufactured one, akpeteshie but I had to put a stop to it since it did not help me.”

Asaase Aban said he is not out of the game and has called on people who would need his services, to invite him for their events.

The comedian said he is currently working on a series which would soon hit the screens.


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