Former Public Relations Officer for the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Ola Michaels has taken the President of the association, Augustine Abbey aka Idikoko to the cleaners over his extreme incompetency and inexperience.

Mr Michaels contributing on the challenges confronting the movie industry on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said, Idikoko has failed woefully in his in his capacity and leader of FIPAG.

The outspoken entertainment pundit and industry player said, you can quote me, publish the story that I have described Idikoko as an incompetent person.

In his view, FIPAG under Idikoko is the weakest adding, Idikoko is not fit to be a leader. I am saying this; record, write I don’t care. I want to stress that Mr Augustine Abbey aka Idikoko is not fit to be a leader. He has no ideas, he lacks vision and lacks leadership skills.”

He was wondering why the incompetent Idikoko was made a president despite his incompetence and revealed a candidate who wanted to contest him was prevented from contesting because they wanted to impose him on members.

He further revealed that Idikoko is also current on the board of the Audiovisuals Rights Society of Ghana (ASORG) because of money and has failed to provide an account for his stewardship.


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