I’II give out the names of those who helped rig the 2016 Prez Race after voting in Nigeria-Prophet

The Electoral Commission (EC) has been challenged to gazette the 2016 presidential result if it was credible, transparent, free and fair.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, the founder and general overseer of the Glorious Wave Church, says the presidential election was not credible, clean and transparent.

Prophet Kobi told Kwabena Agyapong, host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, the inability of the EC to gazette the results is due to the lack of credibility that marred the presidential race.

The rot he noted would be exposed should the result for the presidential race be gazetted.

Making reference to claims by Mrs Charlotte Osei, the former EC boss that the system of the EC was hacked during the polls, he said, ”what really happened”? Why was the system hacked? What prevented the EC from collating the results after it said its system has been hacked?

When the host told him his comments meant the NPP rigged the 2016 polls, he said, Let us wait for the elections in Nigeria to be over then I will expose those who rigged the 2016 elections. I will mention the names of all those who rigged the 2016 elections after the electoral race in Nigeria.”

He was however quick to add that, the current government used fear, force to take over the presidential race.

”I am not afraid of anyone. The seat was not for them. The party used force to take over the seat. If the seat is for any party, I will bodily say it and all those who feel I am peddling falsehood should come out and say otherwise.”

”Ghanaians do not want to speak the truth and because of that we are struggling. Ghanaians must learn to speak the truth and stand against lies since that is the only way we can progress,” he added.



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