I’m not on Zylofon Payroll & I don’t work for them -Socrates Sarfo

Socrates Sarfo

The Head of Zylofon Arts Fund Socrates Sarfo has slammed individuals who have suggested he was awarding approvals to his friends.

He also clarified that he was on payroll at Zylofon Arts Fund as speculated.

The ‘Hot Fork’ movie producer clarified he does not work for Zylofon but he is only on the board of Zylofon Arts Fund where he only gives advice to the fund.

Mr Sarfo refuted the claims and said majority of the applications that came to the fund were copy and past applications and did not meet the standards and requirements set out by the fund.

He explained his decision to allow the fund to be given to only industry players was met with a lot frustrations and agitations.

He told host of GH Entertainment, Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr Handsome the standards set prevented a lot of people from applying and so, the fund moved to Kumasi to encourage filmmakers to apply.

Socrates Sarfo further explained there are a four-member team that goes through the scripts and applications before an approval is made.

‘’Some come with the impression to apply for the money and so inflate their cost. We go through the application and scrutinise them before we give approval. This is because the Art Fund was not disbursing free money.’’

He continued: ‘’there were people who got the money. Let me also reveal to you that we had about 100 applications that contained the same proposals. It was a copy and paste. Some of the scripts were scripts already shot by some filmmakers and yet, people brought these scripts because they thought they were was free money for distribution.’’

He was reacting to claims by Abro, a moviemaker that he [Socrates Safo] mismanaged Zylofon Arts Fund and gave money only to his friends.

Socrates Sarfo appeared on GH Entertainment following the allegations levelled against him.

According to him, Abro is only adding politics to his allegations or he is just having fun but you don’t have fun with my reputation. I am not a kid in the industry for you to have fun with my reputation.’’

The renowned moviemaker said he would not have responded to the allegations of Abro but felt the allegations were unfounded, baseless and meant to tarnish his image.

Abro who was also reacting to the issues via phone nearly got into verbal exchanges with Socrates Sarfo. It took the intervention of the host to take him off the line before tempers went done.

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