I’m & still remain Chief of Kade-Osaberima Tenadu II

Osaberima Agyare Tenadu II has declared he still remains the Chief of Kade.

The traditional ruler made the declaration at a press conference at his palace today (Friday) which was witnessed by his elders and residents.

Osaberima AgyareTenadu II in his address said: “I want to state it here and now that I am still the Kadehene. I am the legitimate ruler of Kade.”

According to him, he has served his people since he was enstooled in the year 2004 and has not violated his oath if office, breached any traditions or customs of the land neither has he exhibited acts that were in contravention of the laws of Ghana to warrant his removal from office.

He recounted how some of his subjects, notably the queen mother, the abusuapanyin and Krontihene made some claims against him in 2012, and had him summoned before Okyehene, but had the claims declared as frivolous and bogus.

The chief said he became completely surprised following the decision by the Traditional Council to set up a judicial committee to investigate the same ”frivolous and bogus” claims and strangely found him guilty.

He later filed an appeal at the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs and the ruling they said: “the judicial committee of the Akim Traditional Council did not have a basis for finding me guilty, and so their judgment has been declared thanks and void.”

He said what the ruling meant was that until an appeal “filed and upheld by National House of Chiefs and Supreme Court, he still remains the chief of Kade; under the laws of Ghana.”

He further regretted the invasion and vandalism of his palace some individuals are weeks ago.

The invasion he noted was necessitated by the fact that he had secured an I interlocutory injunction which has ordered that the defendants whether by themselves, their supporters, agents, servants or whatsoever are restrained from entering and or taking possession of the old Chief’s palace at Kade or any regalia of the Kade stool from undertaking any activities or action that will create disorder, foment trouble or threaten loss of life and or destruction of property at Kade pending the determination of the suit.

The police he said has initiated an investigation into the matter.

These individuals were allegedly led by Mr. Obeng and destroyed Glass doors, windows at the palace.

They also destroyed another regalia of the chief in the process.

Reliable information gathered by rainbowradioonline.com has revealed that these attackers had gone to the palace to allegedly kill Osaberima Agyare.

During the attack, the attackers were reportedly head shouting we will kill him, where is he? We will kill him.’’

According to his subjects and other persons who witnessed the attack, the Chief and his subjects picked intelligence that there were some persons who had planned to kill him.

However, acting on the intelligence, Osaberima Agyare and subjects took cover in some of the secured rooms at the place watching the attackers vandalize his palace.

The attack according to information gathered was carried out in order to allegedly kill Osaberima in order for another person to be installed.

It took the intervention of the police of Kade that led to the evacuation of the attackers from the old chief’s palace.


It all started when Obaapanyin Akua Fosua, Abusuapanyin Otibu Asare, Nana Banchie Darko Ampem, Krontihene, Asafoatse Kofi Tinyase and Asafoatse Yaw Danso on 9th October 2012, called on the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council to address the violation of the traditional oath and failure by the then- chief to uphold all norms required of him as chief of the town.

They alleged that Osabarima Agyare Tenadu II, who was a defendant in the matter, had violated the code of ethics governing the chieftaincy institution and that the refusal of the kingmakers from taking the necessary action, allowed any principal to institute that action.

To buttress their stand, they referred to the ruling by the Judicial Committee of the Akyem Abuakwa council on the 1st of May, 2001 in the matter of Nana Kwame Fanti Aduamoah II, Asonafohene of Kade (plaintiff) Vrs Nana Agyakoran Adutwum II Kadehene (Defendant) which plaintiff tendered as exhibit “A” attached to their Affidavit in support.

According to them “the Ghana law report of 1977 page 348 paragraph 3 supports the contention that even the Krontihene alone who is a kingmaker can bring up an action”.

The defendant (Osaberima Agyare Tenadu II) pleaded not guilty of all the charges against him. He stated that all the charges leveled against him by the plaintiffs were unfounded.

The chief argued that that the claim of embezzlement against him was absolutely false and that the bank statement the defendant tendered in court as exhibit did not tally with any transaction of the Kade Stool Account.

The Chairman of the Judicial Committee of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council, Osaberima Kwame Koh II, giving his ruling at a sitting at Ofori Panyin Fie in Kibi, noted that the judicial committee found the Chief guilty of 14; out of the 17 charges leveled against him.

Also, the committee ruled that the exhibit by the defendant (Osaberimah Agyare Tenadu II) did not relate to the matter before the judicial committee and ordered for a custom to be performed to destool the defendant and a replacement made by the kingmakers.

The council also ordered Osaberimah Agyare Tenadu II, to hand over all the stool paraphernalia to the Abusuapanyin for safekeeping until a new Chief was enstooled to wish he obliged.

Osaberima dissatisfied with and aggrieved by the decision of the Judicial Committee of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council dated 5th December 2013, filed an appeal against it on 10th December 2013 to the Judicial Committee of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs.

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