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Umar Krupp ‘steals movie’; producer threatens legal action

Written by  May 04, 2016
A Dubai based movie producer, Prince Sam is threatening a legal action against Ghanaian based actor and producer, Umar Krupp for allegedly stealing his movie.       Mr Prince Sam, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sam Group and United Sam Enterprises all based in Dubai said, Umar Krupp allegedly stole his movie which he [Krupp] was paid to play a role in; and has reportedly sold the movie to an online TV station based in Nigeria.       Prince Sam who used his real name as the title of the movie, took to his Facebook wall to express his disappointment in Umar Krupp for allegedly stealing the movie. According to him, he complained about how the editing was done here in Ghana and planed having it re-done in Dubai but was shocked to find out that the movie was streaming online.       ‘’Umar Krupp, I am so much disappointed in you. After all I did for you, you still went behind my back and stole from me. I was in Ghana last year to shoot a movie with my name as the title. (PRINCE SAM) I spent a huge amount of money on that project. I took you as a brother. When the movie was edited in Ghana after the shoot, I didn't like the outcome. So I took it to Dubai to have it edited again. You kept a copy of the movie without my knowledge. I had plans of returning to Ghana to re shoot the movie. Just yesterday I got the shock of my life when I realised the movie has been sold to IYODA TV(AN ONLINE TV STATION IN NIGERIA),’’ Prince Sam wrote on his Facebook wall.       He said, he had to conduct an investigation into the matter after Umar Krupp reportedly denied selling the movie to the online platform, but it was confirmed to him that the Ghanaian actor allegedly sold the movie to the online platform with all the legal documents available for proof.       ‘’I checked their site and saw my movie there. I questioned you and you denied having any knowledge about it. So I got some people on board to investigate. We saw about four of your movies which you starred in and some which you produced on that same site. We got in touch with our people in Lagos and they located their office at FESTAC.       ‘’We finally got in touch with IYODA TV and they told us it was you Umar Krupp that gave them the movie and they also have legal documents backing their claims. Even on their page you claim to be the producer of my movie. Which we all know that you were just an actor whom I paid to be part of the project. Why should you do such a thing? I will be in Ghana very soon to sue you. This is pure fraud and I will make sure the law takes its course. As young as you are this is the life you want to live? A thief. A criminal. A disgrace. I will sue you and you will retire from acting,’’ Prince Sam added.       When rainbowradioonline.com contacted Prince Sam on the allegations, he said ‘’I never say things If I’m not sure; and am really shocked at Umar Krupp.’’       The movie, ‘Prince Sam’ is A Ghanaian action, suspense filled blockbuster that focuses on the tricks of cyber crimes, a story of life hustle, crime, love and betrayal.       It tells the story of a cyber criminal who uses his girlfriend’s picture to scam people online; gets more than he bargained for when his new found victim  (a rich Prince ) comes to Ghana to meet his online business partner and also invest in their agreed business. Emotions tangle and interfere with business and his girlfriend falls in love with the Prince. The scammer feeling scammed is outraged and feels betrayed. Would he risk exposing himself to destroy his girlfriend’s new found love or would he agree to a settlement and let love be?     The budding actor, Umar Krupp after his exploits at Spirited Actor competition in USA moved on to win awards at GIAMA Awards in Texas and City People’s Entertainment Awards. The award winning actor had his first major role in Yvonne Nelson’s House of Gold and has seen featured in other amazing Ghanaian movies.
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