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You need GHc2 million for campaigns as an aspiring MP-Bagbin

Written by  Dec 02, 2017
Second Deputy of Parliament and presidential hopeful, Alban Bagbin says an aspiring Member of Parliament will have to gather an amount of GHc2 million as cost for campaigns.   The lawmaker described politics in Ghana as a private business where party members demand money from parliamentarians.   “In our minds political office is private business so young men and women are struggling to be members of the national parliament. Your salary is so low it cannot take you up to two weeks. When you join a political party to be a parliamentary candidate and go round to campaign, party members demand money. When you pay courtesy calls on chiefs you are supposed to part with something”.   The resources candidates dole out are supposed to come from their own pockets and in situations where they are unable to meet that challenge they rely on ‘money bags’ a term used to describe the sources that fund the campaign. “When you go to talk to your party members and any of them you approach, they will tell you that you cannot just come and talk to me like that and go away. When you visit the chiefs the courtesy must be followed your pocket is empty. Some people are funding you and you are dolling out to the constituents because they know their bread is buttered when you are in office”, he disclosed. “When you are going around and you are not greasing palms they will vote against you. When you do not organize events and let the drinks, food and music flow you are bound to lose. If you don’t visit the community too, they will tell you that you do not respect and will vote against you. You don’t have the money and some people are sponsoring. You spend about two million Ghana cedis to be elected as a member of parliament. Now you are in parliament and there is call ‘serve the state’. …Who who pays the piper calls the tune”, he said.   He stated that due to the ‘moneycracy’ in politics, corruption grows high in public office and has therefore called for an urgent need to reverse the situation.     We can’t fight corruption and when I speak out then I am lambasted and insulted, but that is the truth and you cannot take it away. Recently I was talking about Nana Akufo-Addo and I said well after fighting three world wars and becoming president, all those three world wars people funded you and now you say you are going to fight corruption, you think they are “Father Christmas?” “I’m charging the President to lead the way in cleansing the system, redefine politics and also reduce the cost of political business in Ghana.
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