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Give SP the needed resources to prosecute corrupt officials-GBA to Prez

Written by  Sep 10, 2018
The Ghana Bar Association (GBA), has admonished government to as a matter of urgency, resource the office of the Special Prosecutor so officials there would be able to discharge their lawful duties. President of the GBA speaking at GBA’s conference on the theme’ The Impact of Technology on the practice of law to move with changing times’, he asked President Akufo-Addoto resource other anti-corruption institutions such as the Ministry of Justice, EOCO, CHRAJ and among others. “We commend government on the appointment of the Special Prosecutor to fight corruption. To make his office meaningful however, we call on the government to adequately resource the office of the Special Prosecutor as well as the other anti-corruption institutions which already exist, and indeed the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Attorney General,” he added. The GBA president further called on government to deal with the challenges confronting the implementation of the flagship free senior high school education policy. The President of Ghana on his party urged Members of the Ghana Bar Association to be the natural champions of a law-based state, whose establishments should be solid enough to sanction effectively vigilantism, bank frauds, cyber frauds, sharp practice, illegal mining, unlawful exports of fertilisers and oil products, identity thefts, stealing of public funds, bribery and corruption, criminal cartels, and criminal behaviour in general. “The employment of technology to the practice of law and the administration of justice will help facilitate the nation’s ability to reach these goals,” he added. He stated, in his address, that one apparent restraint to Ghana’s progress, i.e. the missing link in the country’s governance system, which hampers the rapid economic development we seek, is the deficit in the application of the rule of law. “It affects everyday life. It is about breaking rules and regulations in many aspects of our lives, and wanting to, and, indeed, circumventing the laws that are meant to guide our society,” he said. He continued, “It has to do with driving recklessly, and breaking all the traffic regulations and trying to bribe the police when you are pulled up. It has to do with not getting the proper permit to build a house, and it has to do with looking the other way when something wrong is going on.”
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