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Stop talking, disappointing Ghanaians & deal with lawlessness-Morning Show Host to Prez Featured

Written by  Sep 12, 2018
Morning show host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Kwame Tutu, has admonished President Akufo-Addo to stop talking and crack the whip on lawlessness in the country. The show host on Wednesday expressed disappointment in the president for failing to deal with lawlessness in the country despite being a lawyer. In mincing no words, Kwame Tutu said, the president likes talking but has failed in dealing with issues bothering Ghanaians on law and order. In his view, the president has disappointed Ghanaians because he was seen as a man who was firm but the lawlessness in Ghana has exposed his weakness. ‘’If we fail to deal with lawless people and deal with lawlessness, and indiscipline in Ghana, we will not develop. We will continue to suffer and our next generation would also come and suffer the more,’’ he posited. ‘’Some people are engaging in lawless activities and yet they have not been punished…I am appealing to the leaders in charge of maintaining law in the country to deal with these matters. Our laws are not working effectively. Although we have courts in the country and other institutions in charge of law and order, the laws are not working.’’ He spoke about examination leakages especially the one recorded at the law school and the recent and first ever licensure exams, which started on Monday. ‘’It is disgusting, shameful and sorrowful for an examination meant for law students; a noble profession to leak and yet, nobody has been punished, the general legal council and the chief justice have not done anything about it,’’ he added. ‘‘This is the zenith of shamefulness and disgrace in this country. We did not hear from parliament, the NDC, the president and others. We did not hear from the Majority Leader. When it is about the development of our country, you will not hear from people,’’ he lamented. He made reference to the investigations being conducted by the US on its president, Donald Trump, and said it would not happen in Ghana if a top leader breaks our law for him or her to be investigated. He stressed, ‘’I am getting disappointed in Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as a lawyer. I thought the president posturing was to give us hope.’’ ‘’We must allow the law to work...A country where politicians allow people to sell in the street to the extent that, these hawkers are in the middle of the street. The indiscipline and lawlessness cannot allow us to develop.Mr president stop the talking and act. I am getting disappointed and I know Ghanaians are also disappointed, so stop the talking and act. Allow the laws to work,'' he concluded.''
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